Wine Spectator periodically retastes collectible wines with a reputation for aging to see how they are evolving over time. These retrospective or vertical tastings result in new reviews, with new scores and tasting notes that reflect how the wine is drinking at the time of tasting; a score may be revised if a wine has not lived up to its expected potential or has exceeded it, or if the wine is passing its prime. The drink recommendation may likewise be revised to reflect how much longer we think the wine will improve or hold.


When we publish additional reviews, we display the most recent score and tasting note at the top of the wine review page; if the wine was not tasted blind, this is indicated. The newest note is then followed by any prior reviews, including the original, which is typically the last review on the screen. The issue date in which each review appeared is displayed. (Please note: As wines mature, the incidence of bottle variation increases, and quality may vary based on storage conditions and the quality of the closures.)