We built "Picks" for those situations when you don't have a specific wine in mind and want to view lists of wines recommended by our expert editors. "Picks" also houses "My Favorites," which is where you can save the wines you discover in the app for future reference.

Favoriting Wines
The most important picks in the app are the ones you create for yourself. To save any wine for future reference, visit that wine's review page and tap the star icon. To remove a wine from this section, swipe its row and tap the "Delete" button that slides into view.

Newest Picks
"Newest Picks" shows you all the latest Wine Spectator-reviewed wines that fit popular search criteria, as chosen by our editors. You can think of them as pre-written searches, available for quick access. Wines listed here cover reviews published in the past three months and are updated every two to four weeks.

Editors' Lists
Every wine in every list in "Editors' Lists" is curated by our editors to ensure a great buy. Each list is organized by theme (e.g. Blue-Chip Collectibles, Top 100 Wines) and starts with an introduction to help you understand that list.