For Apple Users:

WineRatings+ offers several ways to save memorable wines to savor later! Tapping the heart on any search result or wine details page instantly adds the wine to your Favorites list, which lives at the top of the My Lists tab. You can use this list however you want — as a way to quickly build a temporary shopping lists, or a permanent home for your most-loved wines. 

Tap the Save to My Lists button at the bottom of any wine's detail view to add it to one or more of your personal wine lists. All of your lists are visible in a scrollable list at the top of the screen, and you'll also see the option to add a rating, review, and photo of your own. 

Your custom wine lists all appear in the My Lists tab, where you can create, rename, and delete them to suit your needs. Looking for inspiration? Try creating a "Great Gift Wines" list, or planning your next trip to wine country with "Napa Wines to Try."

In addition to custom lists, every wine you've ever added a rating, review, or photo to is right there at your fingertips in the All Ratings & Reviews list, which you can find in the My Lists tab.

For Android Users:

Any wine you view by tapping from the search results page will automatically be saved to your "Recently Viewed" list, which holds the most recent 20 wines you have seen. The oldest wines on the list will automatically be removed as you add new wines.

To save any wine for long-term future reference, visit that wine's review page and tap the star icon. The icon will highlight and the wine will be added to the My Favorites page, which is located in the Picks section. To deselect the wine, tap the star icon again. You can also remove a wine from the My Favorites list by swiping its row and tapping the "Delete" button that slides into view.