To search for a wine rating, tap the search box in the "Search" section of the app and begin typing.

Shortcut Searches
The app's powerful search technology means you don't have to type out complete words or worry about capitalization or punctuation, saving you time and keystrokes. Matching search results will begin to appear after the first three characters; for example, "cay" will return "Caymus" and "Cayuse," among the multiple matches from which to choose. To narrow to a single exact match, continue to type or use "Refine Search Criteria" (see below) on iOS devices or "Filter" on Android devices.

Search for Unique and Specific Keywords
To speed up your searches, start with the most unique terms on the wine label, such as the winery, a specific wine name, a vineyard name or any combination. (Eg. Phelps Insignia.) Because the app lets you search for terms in any order, starting with unique terms will increase the chance that the search will return your particular wine more quickly.

Keep an Eye on Search Result Count
As you search, the number of wines that match your search will appear at the top of the screen. If you're looking for a specific wine, we recommend adding search terms or filtering your search (see below) until the number of results falls to an easy-to-scan number.

Refining/Filtering Search Criteria
While searching, you'll see a link beneath the search box that says "Refine Criteria" (iOS) or "Filter" (Android). Tap this to filter your searches by winery, wine name, score, release price, region, color and/or type. You will only be presented with options for which there are wine matches; the number of wines that meet this criteria appear next to the term.

To add a filter, select any row. This will set the filter and move that row to the top of the screen. Tapping the row again (it will now have an "X") will remove the filter. Filtering by winery will bring up a list of that producer's wines for further selection. Filtering by region will also bring up a list of sub-regions for further filtering.

Android: To exit filtering and view your updated search results, tap the "X" at the top right of the window to close it.

iOS: On the right side of the screen, you will see the edge of the search results window, which will update as you select criteria. To exit filtering and view your updated search results, touch the edge of that window and swipe from right to left. You can quickly swipe between both views as your search.

Your selected criteria will appear at the top of the results window and can also be deselected there to broaden your sesarch.

Broad Searches
The "Refine Criteria" or "Filter" link is of particular help with broader searches. If you want to start with a term that will yield a lot of results, such as "Chardonnay," you can then refine the list down by your preferred criteria, such as score and price. If you don't have a specific term you want to search for, you can view the filtering options for all wines, then start your search based on criteria such as price, score, color or wine type.

Android: To see the filtering options for all wines, open your device's Options menu and select "Filter."

iOS: Touch the left edge of the search screen and swipe from left to ridge to see the filtering options for all wines.