We update each vintage chart at least once a year after we have tasted a sufficient number of wines from the latest vintage to provide a thorough, accurate evaluation of the overall quality and character of the wines.

Our updates take place automatically and will load when you open the app. You do not need to download or reinstall a new version of the app to obtain the newest vintage ratings.

The timing of the updates depends on when the majority of wines from that region and grape variety are released. Vintage ratings for wines that require less aging in barrel or bottle come out sooner than those for wines such as Brunello or Barolo that require years of aging before release.

In some cases, we may provide a preliminary description of expected quality, indicated by a score range, and NYR, meaning that most of the wines have not yet been released. We update those ratings after we review more of the bottled wines.

You can learn more about our vintage charts and evaluation procedures in the Learn section of the app.