There are a few reasons why your search may not have returned any matching Wine Spectator wine reviews:

Spelling: Please doublecheck to ensure that you did not mistype a search term; this is a common issue on smartphone keyboards. If you are uncertain of the spelling of a name, try entering only a partial word and see if there are any matches in the list of results. Or leave out that one term and enter other terms; then use "Refine Criteria" or "Filter" to help you narrow down the results.


Vintage Year: Please type the full year; do not abbreviate when entering a vintage as a search term. If you enter 99 or ‘05, for example, it will not match the full vintage year displayed in our app and may return reviews that contain that number in the full wine name or tasting note. Also, it is possible that we may not have rated one vintage but have rated other vintages of a wine; to check for previous years to get a sense of the wine’s quality history, just leave off the vintage when you type. Or learn more about the vintage quality in the wine’s region by consulting the charts in the Vintages section.


Overly Specific Searches: The app searches for reviews that contain ALL of the terms you enter—whether in the winery name, wine name, vintage, region or grape variety—not for wines that contain ANY single term. Terms used in tasting notes are not included. Entering too many terms for one search can result in no matches found, as one term may not appear in our reviews. Try simplifying your search criteria to only the words essential for identifying the wine. For example, if you are looking for the Chardonnay from ABC Estate & Vineyard in the Napa region, you might drop the general terms like “estate” and “vineyard” and just enter “ABC Chardonnay Napa,” leaving out “Valley” in case the wine actually bears a Napa County appellation.


Wine Not Rated: If you can’t find a rating for a particular wine, it may be that Wine Spectator has not reviewed that wine. As our editors are continually adding new ratings, it’s possible that your wine will be reviewed at a future date, so please check back later. Or you could use the app’s vintage chart section for an overview of the expected quality from that type of wine in that specific vintage.

Wineries Beginning with Initials (Android version): If a winery name starts with initials, such as A.B. Vintner, you need to either enter the name with the periods or with spaces between the initials. If you type "AB," the correct match will not be returned.