WineRatings+ is a free download, but access to the wine reviews and picks requires a monthly subscription through the App Store or Google Play Store. (This is separate from any Wine Spectator magazine subscription or membership.) If you're an existing app subscriber, the "Enable This Device" link on the Subscribe screen helps you regain access to WineRatings+ if you changed devices, got a new device or accidentally deleted the app and had to download it again. Tap this button and enter the same iTunes/App Store or Google Play Store email/username and password you used to subscribe to the app in the first place. Your subscription will carry over.


iOS: If that does not work, and you believe the message to have been in error, you should check your account to confirm whether or not your purchase through the Apple App Store was processed:

- Launch the App Store on your iOS device
- Scroll to the bottom and tap your "Apple ID"
- Choose "View Apple ID"
- Enter password if prompted
- Under subscriptions, tap "Manage"
- Confirm that the WineRatings app appears on that list and is not "Expired"

a. If it's not there and you have not received any confirmation of a charge, it's possible that the purchase was interrupted and not completed.

b. If it's not there and you have received confirmation that you have been charged $2.99 for our app, please contact Apple Support, because the App Store handles all the billing. We have no access to your account.

You can find Apple Support regarding purchases and account management here:


Information about purchasing and managing auto-renewing subscriptions can be found here:

c. If it is there and it says Expired, you may need to replenish the funds in your account or update your credit card information. Make sure the auto-renewal option is set to ON.

d. If it is there and it is active, it should show a date upon which your one-month subscription ends and the account needs to be renewed. The auto-renewal option should be set to ON.

If you see this last option with an active account and auto-renewal set to ON but still cannot access your subscription, then please go to Settings on your device(s) and check the following:

1. Check that the time is correct to within 1 minute.

2. Make sure in-app purchases are enabled. From your device's home screen, please go to Settings, then General, then Restrictions. Scroll down to the section for "Allowed Content." There you can toggle In-App Purchases from "Off" to "On," to allow subscriptions.

If one or both of those was not correctly set, try the Enable This Device link again in the app to gain access.

If those were both correctly set, try deleting the app from your device(s), downloading it again from the App Store and then tapping Enable This Device to reinstate your account. Our customers report that this usually resolves any issues.

If you do not regain access at that point, please contact us by opening a new support ticket and telling us what steps you have tried and the exact wording of the message you receive so that our developers can investigate further.