For the Wine Spectator Guide to Napa Valley for iPad, we focused on the top recommendations from our California editors, who have decades of experience living and working in Napa Valley, rather than a superficial set of listings of all locations in Napa.

In this app, all of the venues—wineries, restaurants, hotels and attractions—were chosen by our editors and have been physically vetted and reviewed by them in order to ensure that they deliver the quality our readers expect. We think that, for many people, this approach is more useful than a listing of all wineries. We feature more than 90 wineries—more than most people can visit in multiple trips to the valley, while taking advantage of the full extent of tasting and tour opportunities available.

We continue to release new updates of the Napa app, with additional wineries, hotels and restaurants. We appreciate receiving suggestions from our customers on venues that they feel deliver a top-quality experience.